The Croatian Association for waiters and bartenders based in Rijeka has been active since 2003. It was established in order to improve, encourage and promote waiter and barmen activities as well as raising the overall quality of the whole catering staff both in our city and in the country and beyond.

Our goal is based on the development and improvement of the relations with individuals, other similar associations, companies in Croatia and abroad. We organize Bartending school in the premises of the Association – education about cocktails in classic and free style, the course for baristas, and many other courses. After the establishment, we have achieved a professional collaboration with many restaurants and tourist destinations and helped in the recruitment of appropriate technical staff.

Due to the positive response and the desire for improving and promoting the activities and the profession, it is our desire to continue with our active work in 2015 in order to continue the tradition of raising the quality of the catering staff. As a part of the program, we also offer the organization and participation in numerous competitions with the goal to give our members the opportunity to progress and learn through continuous work even after the end of the school.


Junior Barmen Cup 2019

We always try to expose our work through the media (invitations, flyers, posters, banners, web commercials, radio commercials, advertisements in the daily newspapers, official T-shirts, etc.) to make the people aware of the need for, as well as the benefits of, the education in the sector of hospitality and tourism. We will definitely need your support for all of the listed projects. We would like for you to participate in the realisation of our goal with your contribution and support so that, by joining forces, we can contribute to the development of competitiveness in the Croatian hospitality and tourism sector.

It is certainly our intention to repay you in an appropriate manner for your support, which is why we also prepared benefits for all our sponsors / donors.

We invite you to enable the successful operation of the Association with your support. If you are interested to collaborate with us, we suggest that you give us the opportunity to meet and introduce ourselves as an organization, and also to present you our work in the announcement for the upcoming year of 2019.

In cooperation with our sponsors, we always come up with innovative ways to give back with original benefits that suit as all. That is why we always like to listen to the ideas of donors and sponsors.

You can contact us every working day from 08:00 to 16:00.