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13/11 - 1/12/2023
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965.00 € (7,270.79 kn)

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business members

1,031.25 € (7,769.95 kn)

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Membership fees issued to individuals are excluded from VAT under section 39.I. of the VAT Act.

About bartending school?

When you finish bartending school you will receive an international diploma and what is even more important – knowledge and experience. We work in small groups because we put emphasis on the individual and his development. We have a base of almost 400 different beverages from around the world which are used by our bartenders to make cocktails, and at the same time adopt theory and practice.

During the duration of the school, participants will learn and practice the preparation of their future workplace. We have included flair bartending in our program, free of charge. If someone wants to practice it later, we have private classes, but we feel that it is necessary for a bartender to know flair bartending because it will make them the centre of attention in bars. This is an attractive skill of pouring and a great animation for guests.

What is our goal?

We wanted to give bartenders basic and strong knowledge on which they can continue to build their careers. We want for them to impress bar owners and future employers with their knowledge, style and hard work. We are proud of our bartenders and we believe that the high quality bartender we create is a reflection of our hard work as well as the skills of our coaches and teachers. The goal is to create a high quality generation of bartenders while creating a better image of tourism in Croatia.


There is a lot to learn in 3 weeks of bartending school: students make cocktails, get introduced to the process of making their own gin, they are shown how to make creative decorations and so much more. Every topic that we teach is backed up with an actual practical part where every student has to make cocktails and be actively included in every part of this seminar.

What are the topics?

Our team of trainers are with you from day one to the end. We prepare you for your future work the best way that we can. We have also included working and exhibition flair bartending in this program, free of charge. There are some people that love it and some that need more practice, but we believe that a bartender needs to know how to entertain.


Introduction to the world of cocktails and hospitality – cocktail party, legal norms that are relevant in the hospitality industry, bar equipment, detailed knowledge of basic alcoholic drinks, coffee, beer, wine, management at the bar, stock control, sales and marketing, up – selling and more….

About cocktails

For each basic drink that students need to know everything about, we make cocktails that are most popular and famous. You will learn how to make classic cocktails like Martini Dry, a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, but also some of the most popular cocktails that are served in almost every bar like Sex on the Beach, Mojito, Zombie and many more.

The list of cocktails that you will learn to make exceeds 40 cocktails, and we encourage our future bartenders to give some classic cocktails a twist, make a change, invent their own cocktail, use their senses of taste, smell and sight.

Prerequisites for the bartender school?

Prior knowledge or experience is not required because we teach from the basics and work our way to the top. Every experience is welcome, but as we have seen more than once, not all experience is good. Many students came and have wrong information about many things so sometimes it is better to have zero experience than a bad one. It is also often easier for those that don’t have experience because it is easier to learn something from the beginning than to correct something that was learned in the wrong way.

What do you get after graduating from bartender school?

Once you finish the bartending school successfully, you will get the diploma. You need to pass a test in front of a commission and have more than 70% correct answers. The diploma that you will get is recognised in Croatia and the rest of the world. It is also translated so that you do not have to do it yourself if you plan to work in other countries. If you happen to fail the final exam, you can try again and we won’t charge anything for that.

Where are the venues?

Rijeka – Mixology centre and classroom – street Ciottina number 19/1

It is possible to organize bartending school in other locations with a minimum of 6 participants and assured preconditions. For hotels and larger restaurants we organize In – House training. Read more about it HERE.


Bartending school lasts for three weeks. The duration of everyday lessons depends of how well and fast the students learn. This means that we stay longer if needed, until we are sure that every participant understands what we were talking about. If the students fall behind with lessons, it gets hard to catch up later.

On the first day we introduce ourselves and get to know students and discuss what is the best time for them to come to lessons and we all agree about school terms for the upcoming time. The school lasts for 3 weeks also because we get many students from further regions of Croatia and from other countries, so this makes it easier for them and lowers the cost of accommodation in Rijeka.

The number of participants is limited. We retain the right to cancel or change terms of the bartending school if there is not a sufficient number of interested parties.


Only members who have paid the Educational membership can enrol into Bartending school. The Educational membership is 265.00 € (1,996.64 kn) (exempt from VAT).

For members who pay the Educational membership, Bartending school costs 700.00 € (5,274.15 kn) (VAT included). In case you are paying as a company, you need to pay the Business membership in the amount of 331.25 € (2,495.80 kn) (VAT included) and the price of the Bartending School in the amount of 700.00 € (5,274.15 kn) (VAT included).

Payment methods

next course
2/10 - 21/10/2023
13/11 - 1/12/2023
private members

965.00 € (7,270.79 kn)

(VAT included)

business members

1,031.25 € (7,769.95 kn)

(VAT included)

Membership fees issued to individuals are excluded from VAT under section 39.I. of the VAT Act.

Return for non-attendance at education

100% refund if canceled min. 60 days before the start of education
50% refund for cancellations within 30-60 days
25% refund for cancellations within 15-30 days
0% within 2 weeks to start education

Feel free to contact us every working day from 8:00 to 16:00

Phone: 051 320 633 / 098 219 099
E-mail: [email protected] (0-24h)
Social: Facebook, Instagram
Personally: Eugena Kovačića 2, ground floor TC Andrea, Rijeka, Croatia

You're not from Rijeka?

If you need accommodation, we suggest you contact Hostel One World in Rijeka noting that this is a 3-week accommodation during the Bartender's School (the hostel checks with us all the names of the registered students). You can contact them through the official website. The hostel is a short walk from the lecture hall.

Price for our students in mixed dormitories is 95,00 kn (12,61 €) / day (tourist tax included).

For other accommodation, you can search for private accommodation on the following Facebook pages:
Iznajmljivanje stanova Rijeka i okolica
Prodaja i iznajmljivanje stanova Rijeka i okolica

or on the local classifieds pages –

The neighborhoods closest to the education center and where you will not need to use public transportation are: The City Centre, Kozala, Brajda, Potok, Pećine, Piramida, Belveder, Bulevard, Vukovarska Street (up to number 50), Podmurvice, Osječka Street, Fiorella la Guardia, any option near Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Medicine.