The season is nearing and your head is full of scenarios with fantastic seasonal jobs in exciting destinations?

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The season is coming, which opens a lot of new job opportunities and greater employment opportunities. We believe that you all love working the season so to increase the budget for the months ahead. We hereby inform you that we are open for all inquiries. Applications for the season have officially started! If you are responsible, hard-working, diligent, communicative, sociable and foremost interested in working in the hospitality sector, book your place for work on time and we will assist you.

Do not wait until 1.7. since by that time most of the places are already filled and the season is in full swing. Our bartenders have worked all along the Adriatic coast and beyond, so you are guaranteed a diverse range of bars, nightclubs etc. For all positions in which we employ, we stand behind you and guarantee your behalf, and you represent our team. Jobs that you can apply for are – bartenders, waiters, hostesses, DJs and other, for what you think you are qualified and capable for.

Please send the completed application forms below to our e-mail: [email protected] along with an attached brief resume with past experience and photograph, so we could be able to form teams that will best represent our brand.

Do not miss this opportunity, become our members and spend the season at the destination where you would like it – good luck!

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