Bacardi-Martini trade ambassador, Hasan Sivrikaya, talks flair and why he remembers Croatia

I’m here with Hasan, he works for Bacardi-Martini. Can you tell me are you a brand ambassador or a trade ambassador for Switzerland? A trade ambassador. I look after one country, in my case Switzerland, for all of our premium […]

Will Armagnac finally find its place in bars?

Armagnac is the oldest wine-based eu-de-vie (brandy), produced in the southwest of France, with more than 700 years of history. Unlike cognac, Armagnac is not the name of the city. Armagnac refers to a sovereign family that ruled the county […]
Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Bartender, physicist, architect and author of two of the most famous books for bartenders – Jeffrey Morgenthaler

At Bar Convent Berlin, we spoke with Jeffrey Morgenthaler – a bartender, physicist and architect. In addition, he is the author of two books that changed the lives of many bartenders, “The Bar Book” and “Drinking Distilled”. One of them […]

We spoke with Philip Duff, a world leader in the beverage industry and owner of Old Duff Genever

Our next guest in the FAST 10 section is Philip Duff, a world-renowned bartender and a very famous person in the global drink industry. He is an expert in distilled products, a famous speaker, consultant, educator, and owns his own […]