Do you know who stands behind Plantation Rum? Find out in an interview with Don Benn

At the Bar Convent Berlin, we interviewed Don Benn, Operations Manager and Master Distiller of the West Indies Rum Distillery. We asked him a lot of interesting questions and got a lot of interesting answers. You can read the conversation […]

We interviewed Daniel Schöll, one of the leaders in Beam Suntory corporation

Our next guest in the FAST 10 section is Daniel Schöll, one of the leaders of the Beam Suntory Corporation. We spoke to him at the Bar Convent Berlin. It is the third largest producer of distilled beverages worldwide, behind Diageo and Pernod Ricard. The […]

Who is behind some of the most famous spirits in the world

Alexandre Gabriel is known for being the owner and master blender of Maison Ferrand, a renowned French spirits company. Maison Ferrand is particularly recognized for its high-quality cognac, gin, and other premium spirits. Alexandre Gabriel is widely respected in the […]

Dominik Babst talks: Marito aperol, vodka and premium Diwisa brands

Here we have Dominik Babst, he’s a brand manager of premium brands for Diwisa company. This year here at BCB they will introduce us to Marito. Tell me more about Marito. Marito is a Swiss based Aperol liquer. We take […]

Stefan Haneder, Austria’s fastest bartender

To start off, can you tell us something about your long lasting career?  My career started almost 20 years ago when I started as a waiter and a cook. Unfortunately with my job in a Michelin star restaurant I kind […]

Vitaly Kolpin, flair teacher from YouTube

Tell us when and where it all started. When did you start your bartending career? I started in 2005, while I was still in college studying Chemical Engineering. How did you start with flair bartending? After I broke my leg […]