We spoke to Alex Conyngham, the founder of one of the best Irish whiskeys

This week we bring you an interview with Alex Conyngham, the founder of Slane, one of the most popular brands in the Irish whiskey category. Slane received critical acclaim for his smooth, well-balanced taste profile, and we spoke to Alex […]

Stillabunt Magic Velvet is the best bar invention of 2021. Read an interview with the project manager

This week, we’ll bring you the interview with our new interlocutor – Giacomo Barucco. He is the project manager of the Stillabunt product line by Orsa Drinks, which was created with the idea of saving time and money, but at […]

Do you know what Calvados is? We talked to the largest manufacturer from France

During the Bar Convent Berlin, we had the opportunity to talk to Guillaume Drouin, owner of the Calvados Christian Drouin Distillery in France. We bring you the story of a man who decided to blend his knowledge, tradition and quality […]

Do you know who stands behind Plantation Rum? Find out in an interview with Don Benn

At the Bar Convent Berlin, we interviewed Don Benn, Operations Manager and Master Distiller of the West Indies Rum Distillery. We asked him a lot of interesting questions and got a lot of interesting answers. You can read the conversation […]

We interviewed Daniel Schöll, one of the leaders in Beam Suntory corporation

Our next guest in the FAST 10 section is Daniel Schöll, one of the leaders of the Beam Suntory Corporation. We spoke to him at the Bar Convent Berlin. It is the third largest producer of distilled beverages worldwide, behind Diageo and Pernod Ricard. The […]

We spoke with Philip Duff, a world leader in the beverage industry and owner of Old Duff Genever

Our next guest in the FAST 10 section is Philip Duff, a world-renowned bartender and a very famous person in the global drink industry. He is an expert in distilled products, a famous speaker, consultant, educator, and owns his own […]
Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Bartender, physicist, architect and author of two of the most famous books for bartenders – Jeffrey Morgenthaler

At Bar Convent Berlin, we spoke with Jeffrey Morgenthaler – a bartender, physicist and architect. In addition, he is the author of two books that changed the lives of many bartenders, “The Bar Book” and “Drinking Distilled”. One of them […]

Will Armagnac finally find its place in bars?

Armagnac is the oldest wine-based eu-de-vie (brandy), produced in the southwest of France, with more than 700 years of history. Unlike cognac, Armagnac is not the name of the city. Armagnac refers to a sovereign family that ruled the county […]

SIGEP continues to amaze (Rimini Expo)

It’s well known that we faithfully follow trends and old habits, so this year we visited SIGEP 2020 in our beloved city of Rimini. The fair was held from 18 to 22/01/2020. SIGEP is the world’s leading B2B exhibition that […]

Denis Španjol takes the first place cup to Rab!

The first Wincentive weekend by Valamar was held last week. Primarily the objective was to educate bartenders and managers employed by Valamar who hadn’t had the opportunity to do so by themselves. During the 4 day education they’ve perfected the […]