Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Bartender, physicist, architect and author of two of the most famous books for bartenders – Jeffrey Morgenthaler

At Bar Convent Berlin, we spoke with Jeffrey Morgenthaler – a bartender, physicist and architect. In addition, he is the author of two books that changed the lives of many bartenders, “The Bar Book” and “Drinking Distilled”. One of them […]

Will Armagnac finally find its place in bars?

Armagnac is the oldest wine-based eu-de-vie (brandy), produced in the southwest of France, with more than 700 years of history. Unlike cognac, Armagnac is not the name of the city. Armagnac refers to a sovereign family that ruled the county […]

SIGEP continues to amaze (Rimini Expo)

It’s well known that we faithfully follow trends and old habits, so this year we visited SIGEP 2020 in our beloved city of Rimini. The fair was held from 18 to 22/01/2020. SIGEP is the world’s leading B2B exhibition that […]

Denis Španjol takes the first place cup to Rab!

The first Wincentive weekend by Valamar was held last week. Primarily the objective was to educate bartenders and managers employed by Valamar who hadn’t had the opportunity to do so by themselves. During the 4 day education they’ve perfected the […]

Bacardi-Martini trade ambassador, Hasan Sivrikaya, talks flair and why he remembers Croatia

I’m here with Hasan, he works for Bacardi-Martini. Can you tell me are you a brand ambassador or a trade ambassador for Switzerland? A trade ambassador. I look after one country, in my case Switzerland, for all of our premium […]

Dominik Babst talks: Marito aperol, vodka and premium Diwisa brands

Here we have Dominik Babst, he’s a brand manager of premium brands for Diwisa company. This year here at BCB they will introduce us to Marito. Tell me more about Marito. Marito is a Swiss based Aperol liquer. We take […]

Ian Burrell, the first global ambassador for rum

I’m here with Ian Burrell, the global brand ambassador for rum. Tell me, how do you become a brand ambassador for rum? Well first of all you have to believe in yourself, believe in your message. You have to have […]

Stefan Haneder, Austria’s fastest bartender

To start off, can you tell us something about your long lasting career?  My career started almost 20 years ago when I started as a waiter and a cook. Unfortunately with my job in a Michelin star restaurant I kind […]

Vitaly Kolpin, flair teacher from YouTube

Tell us when and where it all started. When did you start your bartending career? I started in 2005, while I was still in college studying Chemical Engineering. How did you start with flair bartending? After I broke my leg […]

Joe Schofield from the head bartender to the prestigious “International Bartender of the Year” award

In July 2018, Joe Schofield was awarded with one of the most prestigious honors’ an individual can receive in this industry, the International Bartender of The Year in the Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards. This was shortly followed by […]