Simone Caporale: “Always think differently then everyone else and never ever be like others!”

He started working already at the age of 16 during the summer holidays at a local disco club. That year, he didn’t have good grades in school and that is why his father employed him to work as a glass […]

Tom Collins – from bartenders trick to legendary cocktail

Tom Collins – special agent? Magnificent lover? Not exactly.

Joe Fee (Fee Brothers Bitters): “I’m not the Master bitter man, my sister is. I’m just a family pretty boy.”

We had the opportunity to talk to Joe Fee on BCB in Berlin. Take a look what he told us about the Fee Brothers Bitters.

Frank Thelen: „You don’t become a bartender by watching You Tube. You become a bartender by working behind the bar!”

I think we should focus on classics and continue working in bars, but who knows, I might be wrong. Nevertheless, everything is going in the right direction, the customers are the ones profiting from all of this, they’re drinking better than ever before!